Sunday, August 26, 2007


When I was at the coffee shop this started out as a drawing of a girl with a gun, when I got home from work it became a pregnant woman.

Okay let me explain, at work there are two waify women that work in the digital post house in our complex. They are both pregnant and in early stages of pregnancy. While taking a smoke break outside, I see the blond woman on her cell phone. She wearing her normal clothes, bell bottom jeans and a tight top, not the loose wardrobe that most women I see wear during pregnancy. Something about that was so bold or proud to me. And the wierd artist side of me was so fixated on how her belly excentuated the curve of her back. She beamed, she looked so beautiful, and not in a sexual way. I had to draw it.

I didn't put nips (not the derogatory term for the japanese the other nips) on the drawing because i didnt want to be overtly sexual. So there it is, another drawing that sprung from randomness. and no nips! ... yeah im pretty proud of myself :p