Sunday, September 23, 2007


A lot of sentimental things sparked this drawing. Nostalgia overtook me and a piece that doesn't reflect much of it came into being. The essences seem to be much grander than what came out saddly. Blaqk Audio, a conversation with a friend, a memory, Dream, Death, spring of 89, petticoats, a funeral, the Cure ..... mediocre conceptual execution on the drawing :(

I added black to his clothes since some people commented that this wasn't "gothy" enough.


Keith Conroy said...

I like this one alot Sam, has a real nice feel to it.
I miss Tim and Lynell, and to think I got JTrapp instead...looks like I got a raw deal.

Though it is fun to give Jimmy a hard time..heh heh.

Nexxorcist said...

it's SAAAMM mutha fuckin LIIUUU with Keith bald man Conroy?!

what a small world. who knew? har har keith. lol

Lauren said...

Wow, them's a lot of words, Sam. The drawing words words word looks word words good words words words words words words.

jesshickman said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Sam! :)
I still love your artwork. *swoons*

&Rew said...
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&Rew said...

i dunno how i ended up on this blog. i googled one thing and it led to another and now i'm here.

but it's super rad!

cool art Sam. hope to see more of it.


Micah said...

Hey Sam,
Its Sonofdavinci from the old Op Res boards. I'm so happy you have a blog now!! Your stuff has always been a big inspiration to me...I just love looking at it. Do you have any desire to do any comic stuff in the future? I'd love for you to do a variant cover for my next project at Aspen or something...I know you're probably crazy busy, but if its something you'd like to do, I'd would be thrilled. Anyway, great to see some new stuff from you man!

Anonymous said...

Nice illustration, I really like the tones.