Sunday, April 5, 2009

Samus Aran

Has it really been a year? Yikes!!!

So yeah, the suit is a total cheat, there is no way she would fit in there haha. Thank the lord for photoshop, so much tweaking was done from the original pencils. One day I will try to color ...... once I get to drawing more than one piece a year ..... Baby steps :(


Heix said...

finally a new pic
it's awesome, I love the lady
you could post more frequently
Your my favorite artist by the way, and I live in Estonia, I've copied all your pics several times,
please upload more pics

Kristina Bustamante said...

SAMMY!!! Goodness, it's so nice to see an update from you. This drawing is amazing! You draw the sexiest women EVAR!!! Haha! And that is one well-designed mecha. I'm feeling very inspired right now.

Please update regularly!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Heix, that is a huge compliment! I'll try to draw more I hope .... motivation is so hard to maintain sometimes :(

And thanks Kristina! Hope you are doing well.


Ah. A new image. Well, even if you don't update often, it's the fact that when you *do*, it's amazing, and inspired, and blah blah blah. Heh. You know what I'm trying to say, yeah?

Great image, Sam. You should do it more so's I can see what good art looks like!


Anonymous said...

Haha yeah right! Thanks tho for stopping by my sad little blog, Eric, and the kind words. Hopefully soon you'll open up your blog again and we can all see what good art is all about!

Dapper Dan said...

Love this pic man. I stumbled upon it through some Kid Icarus studies you did. Loved those too. Kudos man!

Chris Battle said...

Awesome! Reminds me how I never wound up finishing Metroid for GameCube. Gamer FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan! The Kid Icarus studies were done by my buddy who shares space on my site, I wish I could take credit for his talent!

Chris, haha yeah man, i still have some platform games that are like 5 years old that are still in their wrapper :(

Nexxorcist said...

awww yeah!