Monday, May 4, 2009


Things have been pretty busy with work and life so I'm cheating and putting up an image I did about a year ago.

This was done for the last issue of a fan publication my friend Jen Chan coordinates called Tofu. Many years ago there were these anime fan gatherings of artists and budding artists who primarily met online. We would meet up occasionally at conventions like AX in Los Angeles and others around the world. At some point (well before I was ever involved) artists from some of the major cities decided it would be a good idea to have local get togethers to draw and have fun. It got so big they decided to make a yearly "jam" book to self publish and share at the annual conventions. Since then, members have grown up, gotten jobs, moved on etc. and these clubs have since disappeared. Jen decided to do one last publication for her Toronto chapter for old times sakes so I had to contribute.

The theme was of course tofu so I did a naked Ursula from Breath of Fire IV (because I was looking through the artbook and thought she looked awesome) with some floating tofu ...... I'm so creative I know. Looking at this now, I realized I made her ears WAY too short so if anyone has this book, sorry for the short ears :( Fixed tho on the blog, yeah!